Saturday, October 22, 2011

Beatles Letter To Be Auctioned Off

Here's an auction item you might not see on eBay, it's and authentic handwritten letter by The Beatles inviting a drummer to audition for the band. Paul McCartney wrote the letter on August 12th, 1960. Pete Best was still the band's drummer at the time and it was not known if The Beatles were seriously looking for a replacement, or to whom the letter was addressed. It reads, quote: "We would like to offer you an audition for the position of drummer in the group. You will, however, need to be free soon for a trip to Hamburg (expenses paid £18 per week (approx) for two months). If interested ring Jacaranda club and ask for a member of The Beatles." Three days later, The Beatles travelled as a five-piece, with Pete Best on drums and Stuart Sutcliffe on bass, to Germany. Ringo Starr, who knew the band from English and German dates, eventually replaced Pete Best as The Beatles drummer in 1962.